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The NB59S nebulizing module is extensively used in ultrasonic and electrosonic humidifiers manufactured by Wetmaster, Stulz, Hulaire, Energy Technique and others.

The NB59S modules are also used in Environmental Test Chambers and many other applications.

Our Mission is to supply the "hard to find" NB59S boards and TU20A transducers at competitive prices and always from our stock.

We are experts in the application of the NB59S humidifier modules and have supplied them to major computer centres since 1991, both in complete humidifiers and as service spares.  We supply worldwide in quantities of one to a hundred - or more to end users and OEMs.

If you need technical help, please ring or e-mail us - our advice is FREE!

Buy any quantity ex-stock from 1 to 100 - to suit your needs, not our convenience.

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