Experimental Greenhouse humidifier using a single NB59S module

This photo of a single module humidifier in action shows how effective the TDK transducer is at creating a superfine water mist. 

This experimental humidifier was built using an ice cream tub and some pieces of 2" PVC rainwater tubing with an inverted plastic bottle for the water supply.  The transducer is fitted to the blanked end of the tube whilst the driver circuit is mounted on a heatsink within the tub.  The heatsink is from a computer CPU and its fan also moves the air through the system picking up the mist.

As built, this device has a major omission in that there is no safety shutdown system to protect against running dry.  In a developed system, low water level protection is essential as dry running will destroy the transducer and driver circuit in seconds.

A development of the above humidifier is shown in the diagram below.


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